Holidays at GJC are wonderful opportunities for celebration, joy, and reflection with our synagogue community, and we love to involve adults and kids of all ages in the beauty of these special times of year.

Children’s Holidays

  • Special “GJC Celebrates!” programs bring our children right inside the spirit of the holidays with age-appropriate activities and celebrations that bring joy to us all.

Sukkot & Simhat Torah

  • These happiest of holidays are celebrated in the GJC Sukkah and with dancing and singing in multiple prayer groups, as well as with gracious hospitality at household sukkot in the neighborhood and beyond.


  • GJC’s “Dancing Children” Hanukiyah is a neighborhood landmark, bringing the joy of the Festival of Lights to all, and our community celebration, with singing and latkes and sufganiyot, is one of the year’s high points.


  • From the Purim Bash party to the Purim Carnival, and from our joint Purim celebration that draws hundreds to special activities with our youngest children, GJC has a blast at Purim! Click here for some Purim Torah!


  • GJC makes everything you need available–from haggadot to wine–and helps to match hosts and guests for the Passover seders so that everyone can have the opportunity to celebrate the Festival of Freedom.


  • GJC’s all-night Tikkun Leyl Shavuot (study session) with multiple teachers is always breaking new ground in Jewish study, with teens and adults teaching each other about everything under the sun–and moon!

Tish’ah b’Av

  • The GJC community gathers for study and the traditional reading of the book of Eicha (Lamentations) in the candle-lit sanctuary in one of the most moving and beautiful