Pride Shabbat

“Most weeks, it’s a struggle to get my teenage daughter to attend services with me.  But on Pride Shabbat (both Friday night and Saturday morning), she impatiently left home before I did to get there early, and determinedly stayed at shul after I went home.  The gorgeous, playful, creative setting with rainbow balloons, unicorn headbands, affirming lawn signs, and a rainbow of desserts puts everyone in a festive and unified mood.  But because this is Germantown Jewish Centre, Pride Shabbat isn’t just a party — it’s also about praying, singing, and learning together.  There is a soulful Friday night service and exciting text study…  Pride Shabbat makes me and my family feel both safe and challenged.  We feel assured that GJC is a welcoming home for us and other LGBT+ families, and we are also pushed to expand our understanding of traditional texts, liturgy, and gender to appreciate and multiply the diversity that has always existed within the Jewish community.  We are looking forward to next year’s celebration!” (Alexandra Volin Avelin)

Pride Shabbat D’vrei Torah

From GJC Teens

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