Children’s Shabbat Offerings

Children’s Shabbat Prayer Services

Each Shabbat morning, GJC offers a range of prayer services for children allowing them to participate in meaningful, age-appropriate worship. The children’s services run from September through mid-June; there are no services during winter break and holidays. Be sure to check the calendar for current dates! For children in grages 1-7, GJC offers a kids’ kiddush following the Saturday children’s services with kid-friendly fare and social time.

It is the policy of GJC that all children must be fully immunized in order to participate in childcare programs at GJC.  We ask that those who use our childcare services on Shabbat and holidays respect this policy.

Shabbat Together

Fridays | 6:00 PM | Check the calendar for current dates!

Calling all families, children, and adults: You are invited to join us to slow down and enter the space of Shabbat together in a relaxed atmosphere. This 30-minute service combines singing, story-telling, activities, and prayer to create a meaningful and playful engagement with Shabbat for all ages. All are welcome; come as you are!

Shabbat Sha’baby

Saturdays | 10:15 AM | Monthly

This monthly Shabbat experience, for babies from birth to early walkers and their grown-ups, invites you to celebrate the special time of Shabbat with singing, movement, relaxation and play, and share and connect with other new parents and families. Come as you are for cuddles and community!

Musical Marching Minyan

Saturdays | 11:00 AM | Monthly

GJC offers a high-spirited, action packed monthly musical prayer service for children younger than elementary school, but old enough to walk (or be carried by a willing adult!) Using guitar and other acoustic instruments to accompany storytelling, the children explore the weekly Torah portion or upcoming holiday in a full-body prayer experience! Led by Amy Jo Rosenthal.

Ginat Shabbat

Saturdays | 11:00 AM | Weekly | EARLY Ginat Shabbat at 10:00 AM when there is Musical Marching Minyan

A adult-child Shabbat service for children up to age 6. Ginat Shabbat is a garden of delights for young families ready to move their bodies and take part in fun and engaging Shabbat activities! Kids pray from their own age-appropriate siddur, and the service includes prayer, sharing, and storytelling that highlight themes from the weekly Torah portion or upcoming holiday. Ginat Shabbat is followed by a Kiddush snack. Led by Amy Jo Rosenthal.

J.A.M. (Jewish Arts & Movement)

The JAM programming series, developed in 2014 and funded by the Harold and Renee Berger Family Engagement Endowment Fund, brings exciting, fun and educational programs to children and families. Guest artists collaborate with GJC rabbis to lead Shabbat services, afternoon programs and other events with song, dance, storytelling, art, music, puppetry and more. JAM events are enjoyed by all, but geared towards children up to age 5. Check our calendar and spotlight events for upcoming programs, or stay connected through our JAM Facebook group.

Junior Congregation

Saturdays | 11:00 AM | Weekly

In Junior Congregation, kids build the skills and the confidence to take the lead!  Each week, 2nd-6th graders lift up their voices and step up in the ways that are most comfortable – some lead prayers in Hebrew or in English, some call pages, some prepare Torah readings, and everyone gets involved through interactive discussions and thematic activities. Any child who wants a leadership role in the service can speak with the service coordinator about volunteering. Each service is followed by a special kids’ kiddush.

Check the GJC calendar for news on Junior Congregation Summer Edition, an adult-supervised youngster-led service for children of all ages that runs in July and August.


Saturdays| 10:00 AM-12:00 PM | Weekly

During the school year we provide child care for children age 2-5. This is a drop-off program supervised by one of our preschool teachers. Children play, read stories and eat snacks while parents are participating in Shabbat and holiday services. GJC thanks Women of GJC for sponsoring Shabbat child care and allowing us to provide this important service free of charge. For Shabbat, no reservations are necessary. On Shabbat we may be able to accommodate children under age 2, depending on the given circumstances on a given day. Please check in with the childcare provider as needed. For holidays, please see detailed information under High Holidays. It is the policy of GJC that all children must be fully immunized in order to participate in childcare programs at GJC.  We ask that those who use our childcare services on Shabbat and holidays respect this policy.

Shabbat Kids’ Space

Kids are welcome to play Shabbat-friendly games in a dedicated space – bring your own and some will be provided. Please respect the space, clean up after yourselves and put all games away after use.

Quiet play in all our prayer spaces 

is supported by a collection of stuffed Torahs, lacing puzzles, books and toys geared towards creating a welcoming environment for all of our community members.

GJC’s Quitman Library

(when available) is a wonderful space for kids and parents to take a break during Shabbat morning to read a story and relax together.

GJC’s Playground

is always buzzing with activity on Shabbat. Designed with kids ages 1-7 in mind, children and their grown-ups can play, explore, and build community.