Rosh Pinah & Nediv Lev

“You have become the chief cornerstone [rosh pinah].”
Psalm 118:22

Germantown Jewish Centre’s Rosh Pinah category offers congregants an opportunity to provide additional, vital support to the congregation. These members are identified as Rosh Pinah supporters because of their role as cornerstones of the congregation.

Rosh Pinah membership level is $5,400 for a household. Rosh Pinah benefits include:

  • Patron of The Bash
  • Men’s Club membership
  • Women of GJC membership
  • Hazak membership (if applicable)
  • Listing in the GJC Memorial Book
  • Thank you Rosh Pinah event during Rabbi Elias Charry Memorial Weekend
  • Donor appreciation concert
  • Rosh Pinah members are invited to come and bring up to four of your family and friends as our guest to one family holiday service and dinner

“A gift from generous hearts”
(Exodus 25:2)

Nediv Lev membership is a category for those members who annually give gifts of $10,000 and above. Nediv Lev benefits include:

  • All of the Rosh Pinah benefits as well as:
  • Erev Rosh ha-Shanah community dinner
  • Tickets to all performances at GJC
  • Sponsorship of Rosh ha-Shanah Day 1 kiddush

If you are interested in becoming a Rosh Pinah or Nediv Lev member, please fill out the form below, and someone from Germantown Jewish Centre will reach out. Thank you!