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GJC’s Employment Network Initiative

We are undertaking this initiative to increase networking opportunities for our members who are currently searching for employment. We do this in the spirit of Maimonides’ “highest degree of tzedakah:” strengthening a fellow Jew by entering into a business partnership, or by finding him the means to become self sufficient.

Recognizing the difficult economic situations that many in our community are facing, GJC is hoping to create a system for publicizing job openings within our community so that people looking for work can be matched with appropriate job opportunities. This is a practice that several synagogues in our area have already adopted and we feel that it would be a wonderful resource for our community. Specifically, we hope to compile a list of available jobs and email them to people who self-select into a confidential “Employment Opportunity Group.”

In order for this to be a successful program, we are requesting synagogue-wide participation in two ways:

  • If you have knowledge of or access to employment opportunities and specific job descriptions, please send them to Kate Lawn, Program Director at GJC (program@germantownjewishcentre.org) using this form. You can also send internet links and/or printed job descriptions along with this form.
  • If you are a “job seeker”, please email Kate Lawn (program@germantownjewishcentre.org) and request to be placed in our Employment Opportunity Group. Once we compile a list of available jobs, we will send it to this list ONLY. We will then send updated lists once or twice per month to this group as new jobs are sent in.

In addition to collecting and distributing job postings, we may also seek volunteers to organize occasional workshops for people in the employment search process. By sending in your name, you will also be sure to hear about these opportunities.

Thank you for participating in this effort to make GJC an ever more supportive and caring community.

The Career Gateway

is a program through IAJVS (International Association of Jewish Vocational Services) as a way to access online tools, resources, and leads that will help you be more successful in finding and securing employment. You’ll learn about career opportunities, find training programs, link to placement services, and much much more.

Click link below for more information.

Jewish Genetic Testing

For more information visit:einstein
Albert Einstein Medical Center offers a full range of genetic services. Einstein is the only hospital in the Philadelphia area that offers prenatal, pediatric, adult and cancer genetics services in one location. In addition, Albert Einstein Medical Center was the first hospital in the area to initiate and create a Jewish Genetic Disease Screening Program. Housed in the Victor Center for Jewish Genetic Diseases, the program offers ongoing community outreach and education.

Albert Einstein Healthcare Network’s Victor Center for Jewish Genetic Diseases raises awareness of Jewish genetic diseases and provides affordable genetic counseling and screening for healthy individuals at risk of being carriers. Carrier screening is very important because one of five Ashkenazi Jews is a carrier of a mutation of one of these Jewish genetic diseases. The Victor Center educates the community to the importance of screening through Jewish community education programs and college campus outreach. Visit the Victor Center website for detailed information on the screening process, Jewish genetic diseases, and Victor Center programs in Philadelphia, Miami, and Boston.

If you are interested in getting screened at Albert Einstein Medical Center, organizing a community screening, or coordinating an educational program, contact our Outreach Coordinator at 215-456-8722.

For more information visit: victorcenters.org
The mission of the Victor Centers for Jewish Genetic Diseases is to ensure ongoing access to comprehensive genetic education, screening and counseling services. This is accomplished through Jewish community education programs and screening programs for healthy individuals at risk for being carriers of a gene mutation for any one of these diseases.

Lois B. Victor, a mother who lost two daughters to a Jewish genetic disease, founded the Victor Centers for Jewish Genetic Diseases. In 2002, the National Coordinating Office opened at Albert Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia. Through the generosity of Lois Victor, other funders and Albert Einstein Healthcare Network, the Victor Center at Einstein has screened over 2,000 young adults to date. Given this success and the ultimate goal of eradicating the Jewish Genetic Diseases, the second Victor Program opened in 2005 at floating hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, and the third center opened at University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine in 2007. Expansion plans for other Victor Centers across the country are in progress.

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