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In ten years, 48% of Israel's young people will be Arab Israelis and Haredim (ultra-Orthodox). Beit Berl College in Israel is spearheading work to educate teachers in cross-cultural competence – toward generating a more shared society in Israel. In light of the findings of the recent Pew study – showing that 48% of Israeli Jews think that Arabs should be expelled or transferred from Israel – training Israel's teachers to educate toward a shared society is high priority. Sarah Kreimer will discuss the challenges and achievements of maintaining a vibrant democracy in the current atmosphere in Israel. Beit Berl College – whose graduates constitute almost 20% of Israel's educators in the Jewish and Arab secular public school systems – is breaking new ground in providing educators with cross-cultural competence and a strong understanding of the principles and underpinnings of democracy. In 2015, Beit Beryl launched the Center for Education for Shared Society for just that purpose. RSVPs are appreciated.


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"Concert at Germantown Jewish Centre Will Span the Globe"

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The Germantown Jewish Centre (GJC) has been the heart of the Jewish community in Northwest Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs for 75 years. We are a vibrant, pluralistic and egalitarian synagogue located in Mount Airy and committed to sustaining and strengthening Jewish life in greater Philadelphia.  Affiliated with the Conservative movement and receptive to the wisdom of many sources in Judaism...read more 

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According to the Zohar, when the Israelites were in Egypt, things were so tough within us and around us that we fell to the forty-ninth level of impurity. We hit our rock bottom and just before the point of no return, the Holy One took us out of Egypt, out of subservience to all of the negative powers that had laid us low, and led us to the forty-ninth level of wisdom so that we could receive Torah.

As we count the omer for forty-nine days, we are reminded of God's great kindness in leading us step-by-step out of the stuckness and straits of Egypt toward a life of expansiveness and possibility. This period between Pesach and Shavuot is a season of recovery that unfolds one day at a time. As we learn from the wisdom of those who struggle with addiction and from the philosophy of 12 step programs, recovery is an ongoing journey, counted one day at a time, and sometimes one minute at a time.

As we count the omer, let's hold in our hearts all those in our lives and in our communities who are struggling with addiction and all those who are on a path of recovery, of any kind. For all of us who yearn for healing of body, heart and spirit, may the Holy One walk with us on our journey out of Mitzrayim, step by step, one day at a time.

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Get a taste of Kol Zimrah, our monthly musical Friday night service featuring beautiful melodies and hand percussion. The service is followed by a festive wine & cheese oneg.

"Haman Goes Down (and the Jews Go Up)" A fresh new look at the story of Purim - Original rap by Kitah Vav (GJC Religious School's 6th grade class), in partnership with Bible Raps