What People are Saying

What are people saying about Germantown Jewish Centre?

“I’ve been happily “Centre’d” for more than 30 years. We first joined when we lived close by and our daughter needed a nursery school. Now our two grown children also find comfort and stimulating experiences when they are here. What Centre-d me most over the years are the people I have met along the way…a growing number of wonderful, dear friends. GJC people are my people–I feel accepted, cared for and valued. So many have talents I admire and learn from, and I continue to grow and learn…whether it’s from classes offered, from a d’var Torah, a new Israeli dance taught on Sunday morning, or a chance to give back to GJC by offering my time with Women’s Club. This is a community you can count on.” ~ Yona Diamond Dansky

“Our home away from home. Our whole extended family is involved. My Centre is truly my center of worship, inspiration, friendship, tikkun olam and much more. I feel continually supported by the clergy, staff, and members to lead a life of Jewish joy and observance and strive for justice in the world. I am inspired by the acts of loving kindness that its members have shown towards me and to so many of those in need. For my sake and the sake of many generations to come, I am pleased to support GJC and help it thrive.” ~ Debbie Stern

“I find GJC a place for caring and connection. Also great music and wonderful Torah discussions. When I drag myself over on a Friday night for a Kol Zimrah service, I am always energized and brought into the wonderfulness of Shabbat.” ~ Pesha Leichter

“I have found GJC a “safe” place to learn and grow in my Jewish knowledge and practice. There is a real effort to welcome people regardless of their backgrounds or degrees of Jewish learning. There are so many different ways to connect, that there is something for virtually everyone – from prayer communities to social justice programs to secular cultural and social events.” ~ Naomi Klayman

“JAM (Jewish Arts & Movement) children’s programming has been a great opportunity for our daughter to learn about Jewish holidays in a fun and relaxed setting and for our whole family to grow closer to the GJC community.  We feel connected and know there is a place where we belong as a result of the relationships we’ve built during, after and between the JAM events.  We look forward to the next JAM event!” ~ Burgandy Holiday & David Kanthor

“GJC has been an important part of my Jewish identity for 23 years.  I am proud to be part of a congregation that is so committed to social justice, tikkun olum, pluralism, and diversity.  The consistently beautiful music that is an ongoing component of spirituality and community is a wonderful part of the GJC experience for me.  Although we’ve been in Center City for 21 years, part of my heart will always be with GJC and Mt. Airy!” ~ Evelyn Eskin

“Our family enjoys the Shabbat and holiday family programs so much! They have been a perfect combination of Jewish content and fun. As a Jewish family with a non-Jewish parent, we have found the JAMs to be wonderfully accessible to both my toddler and my wife, as they learn about Judaism together. Besides ECP, the JAMS have been our primary connection to GJC, and we feel so grateful that our community provides this excellent community building program series.” ~ Rachel Marcus & Eileen Carlin

“Germantown Jewish Centre is a place where we’ve made friends for a lifetime. It’s where our children made many lasting friendships, learned about Judaism and became Bat Mitzvah. It is a place that today inspires us, teaches us, and puts Jewish values and principles into practice. GJC thrives on diversity and community, and so do we. We value the emphasis on Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) and on creating innovative Jewish musical traditions.” ~ Elliott & Ellie Seif

“We love the [family] programs! We bring our kids of multiple ages to a shul they are very familiar with, but for an event that is new and different. It is wonderful to be able to connect with our shul community but in a different way, and with a focus on children and families. The events reach them at their different developmental stages, and engage us all as a family in creative, thoughtful, and unusual programming.”  ~ Molly Weingrod & Joey Weisenberg

“GJC is my spiritual home away from home.  It’s where I go to be included in services.  It’s where I am counted and where I can use the talents I’ve been gifted with to lead services and Torah discussions.  It’s where I have a minyan that truly resonates with my needs.  GJC is also where I have met so many wonderful people and gone to amazing singing and learning programs.  Being a member of GJC is overwhelmingly challenging because there are so many outstanding programs to attend every week.  GJC is where I can nurture my mind and spirit in the company of some of the nicest people I’ve ever met!” ~ Sheila Erlbaum

“Although we were drawn to the community at GJC from the first time we visited, we remained at a distance for a long time. It was in welcoming our daughter and then bringing her to the toddler services and JAM [programs] that we entered the community. We learned names and shared music and meals and soon, we made friends. Now we are active in the community, and we all love being here. It is a way to exhale, to exist otherwise from our professional lives, to commune with those who share our values, to challenge ourselves, to pray. We want our children to have strong Jewish identities and to be surrounded by people who will support them, love them, and provide role models.” ~ Maria Pulzetti

“A big thank you for Judge Berger for helping families with young children to create community at Germantown Jewish Centre. My children (2 and 4 years old at the start of JAM programming) have very different interest and personalities. The diversity of the [children’s] programming has found a way to keep their attention and inspire them! As parents, the programming has provided a gateway for our participation in the synagogue, introducing us to our peer group. Thank you.”  ~ Melissa & Dan Livney