Chesed (Caring)

The Chesed Committee offers GJC members numerous opportunities to perform mitzvot of caring for those in our community in need of support. These acts of kindness strengthen our community by building relationships between people who might otherwise not connect with each other. If you are interested in becoming involved with our Chesed Committee, please contact Rabbi Rebecca Richman at

Chesed’s Kesher Program: Homemade Meals for the Community

Part of our holy work is caring for each other in times of need. If you or someone you know in our community is experiencing health challenges or life cycle transitions, we are glad to offer a homemade meal (supervised under TKS-Traditional Kosher Supervision), delivered personally. Please reach out to our Chesed Committee Chairs, Peninah Berdugo at or Gena Epstein at, and they will coordinate a meal delivery.

Volunteers of all ages are invited to participate in this mitzvah in whatever way they are able: shopping, prepping and/or cooking food in GJC’s Marcus Kitchen, delivering meals, creating handmade cards, or donating funds. Email Peninah or Gena to inquire about the next Chesed Cook-in!



Bikur Holim Program

The Bikur Holim Program arranges visits to GJC members who are ill or homebound. Volunteers perform a mitzvah as they bring news and fresh energy to congregants who because of age, illness or injury are confined to their homes.