Friday Night

Like much of our prayer life, Friday nights at GJC are about variety. We offer different services on different weeks, each of which has a special structure, orientation, and feel. Try them out and see how they strike you!

“I have always liked the way the GJC community comes together on Friday nights. There is a special warmth and energy when those who may pray separately on Saturday mornings all join together in singing and dancing. This service is so much a part of my life that I will not let my employer keep me late on Fridays.” – Ed Lake

Kol Zimrah

“Kol Zimrah” means “the sound of singing.” This special musical service, currently offered online, is led by Rabbi Adam Zeff and Executive Director Nina Peskin. Kol Zimrah features original melodies and kavanot (short spiritual reflections) rather than a formal teaching. The service, which includes a drummer, invites us to enter the peaceful and reflective space of Shabbat by chanting together, hearing the sound of our voices rising up to the heavens. The Kol Zimrah service lasts for 30 minutes, then flows seamlessly into Ma’ariv. Listen to GJC’s Kol Zimrah service here!

Tot Shabbat

Calling all families, children, and adults: You are invited to join us to slow down and enter the space of Shabbat together in a relaxed atmosphere. This 30-minute service combines singing, story-telling, puppetry, and prayer to create a meaningful and playful engagement with Shabbat for all ages, led by Rabbi Adam Zeff. Shabbat Ma’ariv will follow the service.

Kabbalat Shabbat at GJC

This spirited service (currently offered by Zoom, audio livestream, or video livestream) is led by GJC rabbis who lead us in singing the psalms of Kabbalat Shabbat. The service lasts approximately 30 minutes, and the spirit of the singing along with the warmth of the community make this a wonderful way to make the transition from the workweek to Shabbat. The Rabbi offers a short teaching before we move on to the Ma’ariv (evening) service, which we again sing and chant together.

Shabbat Shalvah

One of the ways the Hebrew word shalvah can be defined is “equanimity.”  Equanimity is being aware of what’s happening, challenges and all, and meeting it with open awareness.  Equanimity is maintaining your center while things are uncertain and unstable.  We cultivate equanimity in meditation by sitting and returning to open awareness of all we are feeling again and again. Likewise, in the practice of chanting,  we return again and again to the same melody and allow our hearts and minds to quiet and focus. Join Rabbi Adam Zeff for Shabbat Shalvah, a 30-minute chant and meditation service. Shabbat Ma’ariv follows at 6:30 PM.

Shabbat Ma’ariv

This 30-minute service, with its distinctive melodies and prayers, is the way we welcome Shabbat into our hearts every week, with joy, with relief, and with anticipation of a full day of rest, reflection, and learning.  Join us from 6:30-7:00 PM!


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