Yom ha-Shoah with Ruth Kapp Hartz: Reflections of a Hidden Child in Nazi-Occupied France


Ruth Kapp Hartz’s goal is to teach the history and the events of the Holocaust, the unprecedented genocide of the twentieth century during World War II, through her personalized story so that present and future generations will remember its lessons and make connections to contemporary issues of concern. Germantown Jewish Centre is pleased to welcome Ruth, subject of the memoir Your Name is Renée, for a special Yom ha-Shaoh program on Sunday, May 5 at 10 AM.

From her family background in Mainz, Germany where the Nuremberg laws of 1935 stripped her parents of their citizenship to the events that brought her parents to France just before WWII broke out, Ruth will share her deeply personal account of the chilling experiences she faced as a young Jewish girl separated from her family during the Holocaust.

Ruth will give a 45 minute presentation with room for questions following, and will have copies of her memoir for sale and signing.

Ruth Kapp Hartz is a graduate of the University of Paris (Sorbonne). After having survived the horrors of World War II in France, she emigrated to the US in 1958. She taught French for over thirty years in Pennsylvania at the Springside School, Bryn Mawr College and Arcadia University. She is a member of the PA Holocaust Education Council, the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) and the Alliance Francaise.

Ruth was the recipient of the Legion of Honor from the Chapel of Four Chaplains of Philadelphia in recognition of her outstanding service to Bryn Mawr College as well as other awards for her contributions to Holocaust Education both in Pennsylvania and nationally. She is the subject of the book: Your Name is Renée: by Stacy Cretzmeyer, the author of A Legacy of Goodness: the story of her French Rescuers during World War II.

Ruth now spends much of her time speaking to various groups in pursuit of her dedication to Holocaust Education.