Why we sing


When the Israelites miraculously cross the sea and find themselves on the other side, they open their mouths, raise their voices, and sing out to God, which is why we call this weekend Shabbat Shirah – “The Shabbat of Singing.”  Of course, the story of the Israelites’ wanderings are far from over; they have just begun.  We can only imagine what they might have been feeling:  awe at God’s power, disbelief at their escape, fear for what is to come, gratitude for their lives, and so much more.  Their singing is not only an expression of thanksgiving; it is also a way for them to reach out to each other and band together as they deal with these conflicting emotions and turn to face an uncertain future.  And that is why we sing as well–not because we have reached perfection, but because we need to hear and strengthen each other to face the times in which we find ourselves and the conflicting feelings inside of us.  On Saturday night at 7:00 PM at GJC we have a chance to come together to sing, accompanied and guided by the music of Jessi Roemer and our band, G’vanim.  May we take this opportunity to connect with each other so that we can face the future together.