Wednesday morning: Hoshanah Rabah at 6:00 AM


We completed Yom Kippur with the N’ilah – “locking” – service, in which we spoke of the closing of the gates of repentance and the sealing of the final decree of our path for the coming year. Yet according to a very old tradition in the Zohar, the penitential season actually continues on through Sukkot and actually comes to an end on Hoshanah Rabah, the 7th day of Sukkot, which this year will fall a week from today on Wednesday, September 25th. Up to that time, we can still add an addition or an extra note in the Book of Life that can change our path, and the traditional greeting for Hoshanah Rabah is “Pitka tava” – Aramaic for “a good note.” We will have a special service on Hoshanah Rabah that begins at 6:00 AM in the Charry Sanctuary and includes a wide variety of tunes and songs from the High Holidays, emphasizing the connection with Yom Kippur and repentance. At the climax of the service, we beat bundles of willow branches on the ground until their leaves fall off, symbolizing our own separation from sin. The service ends at about 8:30 AM, followed by breakfast in the Sukkah. Please join us if you can, and may we all find our way on new paths in this New Year.