Vision and perspective


The visions contained in the Hebrew Bible come from thousands of years ago and addresses a society far removed from the one in which we live.  Why do we continue to study them?  When we listen carefully to the words of the prophets, we find that the situations and conflicts of ancient times are not so different from those we face today; humanity has not changed as much as we might suppose in the last few millennia.  And, just as they did at the time they were spoken, these visions transmitted across all of those years shake our settled assumptions about how the world should be and make us look around with new eyes.  The power of ancient texts to shift our perspective is one of the greatest gifts of being the heirs to a very, very old tradition.  May we open up our hearts enough to be shaken by the wisdom of those who channeled divine words so long ago and to take a new perspective out into our hurting world.