As we approach the New Year, we speak of “turning,” one translation of the word teshuvah (“repentance”).  We hope to turn from our bad habits, to turn from hardening our hearts, to turn from self-defeating paths toward something new.  If we think about this metaphor of turning, we realize that whether we are walking or driving, turning is a response to the realization that continuing on our current course will never take us where we need to go.  So to prepare ourselves for Rosh Hashanah, we need to take some time to sit with this metaphor of turning.  Where are we going?  What behaviors and thoughts and habits are leading us there?  And where do we need to turn to get to where we truly need to go?  If we can take some time to think deeply about these questions, they will guide us in finding a new direction, toward renewal and transformation, at this time of turning.