Transition & Relationship


When I first interviewed for the position of assistant rabbi at Germantown Jewish Centre, it was the week of Parashat Terumah. In this parsha, which we read this Shabbat, the Torah lays out an itemized list of materials that will be used to construct the mishkan, our sanctuary for our journey through the wilderness. Sitting with Rabbi Zeff, Chris Levin and Linda Kriger at JTS, I spoke about the detail of the keruvim, the two angelic beings, perched atop the ark in the Tabernacle, their faces turned toward one another. The Torah describes how the presence of God emanates from this point of encounter between beings turned toward one another in relationship. Since then, I have felt the Divine presence in this place in relationship with you and as I have witnessed your relationships with one another. In thinking about transitioning this summer from my role as a rabbi here, I am full of gratitude for our relationships. Over the past week, I have been moved by your calls and notes and by our conversations in response to the announcement that I will be taking time to focus on family. During this moment of transition in the life of our GJC community, please know that my door is open. Feel free to reach out if you would like to talk at any point about this transition or anything else. I hope to connect with each of you over the coming months. Wishing us all a Shabbat of deep relating in our lives and in our community.