The Return of the Rabbi


Thank you

As my family and I return from a wonderful, enriching, and energizing sabbatical in Israel, we are filled with gratitude to this amazing community.  You have given us the precious opportunity during these past nine months to learn, to recharge, and to reconnect with each other and with the land and people of Israel, and it has been an incredible blessing to us.  We are grateful to the lay leaders, rabbis, staff, and members who took it upon themselves to make sure our community continued not only to function but to grow and develop during our time away.  And we are so happy to be back here with you.  I am more conscious than ever of the privilege of being your rabbi in this community that I love so much, and I look forward to reconnecting with every one of you.  There is so much to share about our experiences in Israel, and I will be doing so in the weeks and months to come.  For now, from Cheryl, Zeke, Avi, Mati, and myself, simply, thank you.