The Mitzvah of Shofar Blowing


Phill Goldberg and Elyse Wechterman will share their love of shofar blowing and why it is meaningful to them and then provide lessons and coaching for those who would like to take on this mitzvah this year. Please have a shofar ready and some paper and pens for taking a few “notes.” No prior experience necessary.

Phill Goldberg has been sounding the shofar in the Charry Sanctuary for a number of years. Phill has taught ECP and Religious School students about the shofar, and travels throughout the GJC building on Rosh Hashanah sounding the shofar at all the children’s services. This, sadly, means he has missed many wonderful sermons. Phill is Benya’s Baba, Anna’s partner, and is guided by Sheldon.

Elyse Wechterman is a graduate of the RRC, and a two-time member of GJC for a total of 13 years.  She started blowing shofar as a pulpit rabbi in Massachusetts and is committed to improving her abilities every year.

Date: Tuesday, August 25
Time: 7:00-8:30 PM
Tuition: $10/member, $15/non-member.
For members: Scholarships are available, and we encourage you to anonymously sponsor tuition for someone in need if you can.
Zoom link: Will be emailed to participants when they register

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  • Class tuition is $10/member, $15/non-member. For members: Scholarships are available. Please consider donating extra to help cover the cost of tuition for students in need.
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