The beauty in crossing boundaries


Saturday night we are privileged to host the world music band JAFFNA in a concert at 7:00 PM.  You can read more about the band and the concert in the Jewish Exponent article, and I encourage everybody to come out and hear them.  JAFFNA and its music is an example of exactly the type of connection across difference that we champion so much at Germantown Jewish Centre.  The band’s members come from South Asia, Armenia, and the Middle East, and they are carriers of diverse musical traditions, but they find a way to connect with each other and create something beautiful together.  This is what we hope to do both within our community and in our interactions with the diverse residents of our city, neighbor, and region.  I hope that we will be inspired by this example to find more ways to connect, through music, conversation, and action, with the beautifully varied world around us.