Taking action in the world


Last night our Social Action Committee met to hear about all of the different ways that people in our community are taking the values and teachings we learn from Torah and transforming them into action in the world.  There are so many ways in which this world needs our efforts, and there are members working on quite a number of them.  In coming months, we hope to find better ways to communicate all of those opportunities to you, so that you can find the way that works for you.  In the Talmud (Kiddushin 40b), the ancient rabbis were asked, “Is study better [than action], or is action better [than study]?”  Rabbi Tarfon answered, “Study is better.”  Rabbi Akiva answered, “Action is better.”  Then they all answered together, “Study is better because it leads to action.”  May all of our study lead us to action to perfect the world given to us.