Supporting each other


This has been a difficult week for our community, in which a number of our members have been touched by loss. The basic Jewish teaching concerning grief is that mourners must not be left to bear their burdens alone. At this time more than any other, we rely on each other for support and comfort. We can be the arms to embrace those struggling with shock and grief, the ears to hear their words and their tears, and the bodies that stand with them in solidarity. There are no magic words we can say to take the pain away, but our plain expressions of sympathy – “I’m sorry” is a good one – and our simple presence in the lives of those who have lost loved ones are powerful antidotes to despair and withdrawal. So please reach out to those who have suffered loss, whether you know them well or are only passing acquaintances. Let them know that they are part of a caring community that will walk with them on the path of grief. And may the memories of all who have been lost become continual blessings in the lives of those who love and miss them.