Sunday: Talking and listening about Israel


In my sermon on Rosh ha-Shanah Day 1, I spoke about the need for us to talk to each other and to listen to each other aboutIsrael.  You can read the text of my talk, as well as other sermons and talks from the High Holidays, by clicking here.  This Sunday at 10:00 AM we begin to put that into practice as we begin a four-week class of “Yet More Tough Social Issues in Israel.” The point of this class, led by me and Rabbi Lewis, is for us to learn about and discuss difficult issues facing Israeli society, issues that involve many different points of view and that have no easy solutions.  By engaging with each other over these issues, we open up multiple pathways for us to connect to Israel, which is our ultimate goal, no matter how that connection is shaped or expressed.

This class is preparing us for our GJC Israel Trip in December 2014, and we want to begin making a list of those who are interested in coming with me on that adventure! You can see the itinerary here.  Please do let me know if you’re thinking about the trip, and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.