Stefan Presser Memorial Shabbat: Countering Gun Violence


This weekend we mark Stefan Presser’s eighth yahrzeit with a memorial Shabbat program organized by Minyan Dorshei Derekh focusing on the how to address the continuing problem of gun violence in our community and in our country. Stefan was a remarkable and tireless advocate for balance between individual rights and liberties and the public good. In his professional life as the legal director of the Pennsylvania ACLU for 21 years and in his personal life as part of the GJC community, Stefan embodied sensitivity to suffering of his fellow human beings and our obligation to stand with them that will always remain a model for us to follow. I am honored to give the d’var Torah this Shabbat in the Dorshei Derekh service, and I am grateful to those who have organized this event and to the speakers who will address this important topic for us. May Stefan’s memory always remain a blessing to this community.