Shabbat’s Life-Giving Presence


Three generations back my family had only to light a candle and the world parted. Today, Friday afternoon, I disconnect clocks and phones. When night fills my house with passages, I begin saving my life.
– Marcia Falk

My soul is thirsty for Shabbat. My heart aches after a week of a number of losses in our GJC community. Watching protests around the country, my spirit cries out for racial justice. There is much work to be done and many prayers to be said with our feet in order to transform our society into one that reflects the truth that all lives are of infinite value. In the mean time, Shabbat is arriving. May she come as an angel of consolation, to hold our hands, to walk us into her sanctuary in time, where we can pause, breathe and take stock of where we are. “Choose life,” Shabbat calls to us, for your sake and for the sake of the world.