Shabbat Morning in the Charry Service: Community & Creation


This Shabbat, we will go back to the beginning, reading Parashat B’reshit, and telling the story of the creation of human beings and their adventures in the garden. We will also announce the new month of Heshvan, due to arrive next week. We are blessed in this new year by the presence, leadership and Torah of Rabbi Reena Spicehandler, our Visiting Rabbi. Rabbi Spicehandler will lead our Shabbat morning service this Saturday.

In addition, Rabbi Julie Greenberg will be with us to offer a D’var Torah. Rabbi Julie Greenberg joined GJC almost 30 years ago when she came to RRC. She is in her 15th year as spiritual leader of Congregation Leyv Ha-Ir ~ Heart of the City, in center city Philadelphia and is the recent author of Just Parenting: Building the World One Family at a Time.  Rabbi Greenberg’s teaching tomorrow is entitled, “How Spiritual Community Can Save Creation.” She will explore the question: “What do we have right here right now that will sustain human life on this earth?”