Shabbat morning at 9:30: Exploring the Psalms


Each Shabbat morning in January and February, Rabbi Lewis and I will be teaching a short session before services (from 9:30-10:00) on the many different voices and uses of the Psalms. These 150 poems from ancient times span the range of human experience, from exultation and praise to hopelessness and despair. The words of the Psalms make up a large part of our prayer services, but they are also recited in times of trouble and of wonder, when facing uncertainty and grief. The many moods of the Psalms, and the access they give us to the texture of human life and emotions in very ancient times, are part of what have given them their enduring appeal throughout the ages. In addition to all of that, they are beautiful poetry! I invite everyone to join us as we encounter a few Psalms each week and explore how they can become part of our own spiritual understanding and practice.