Saturday night: Selichot – Forgiveness


In order to make this coming year truly new, in order to leave behind the habits of heart and mind that have led us away from our true selves, we first have to clear away the old by asking for forgiveness.  We ask forgiveness from God, the ultimate standard of truth and justice against which we measure our actions.  We ask forgiveness from ourselves, who have had to live with the consequences of what we have done.  And we ask forgiveness from those around us, who have sometimes found themselves dragged down by us.  None of this is easy. We need a space in which we can delve into our hearts and identify the work we need to do this High Holiday season.  This Saturday night, we have two opportunities to find that space.  First, there will be a Selichot program of devotional music with me, Rabbi Lewis, Nina Peskin, Jonathan Singer, Elliott Seif, Justin Fink, and Gary King, in the the Charry Sanctuary from 8:00 to 10:00 PM.  Next, there will be a traditional late-night Selichot service in the Maslow Auditorium led by Dan Werlin from 11:00 PM to midnight. In between, there will be refreshments in the Charry Lobby so that we can have a chance to interact with each other and wish each other well on our journeys.  May we each find a truly new path as we enter the New Year.