Rosh Hashanah: We are in this together


As we prepare ourselves for Rosh Hashanah and the New Year to come, we can become focused inward, meditating on our own strengths and shortcomings during the past year and our personal possibilities for turning and returning in the year that is coming.  But we need to keep in mind that in Jewish tradition, repentance and salvation are not mainly individual endeavors but communal ones.  We come together in large numbers on Rosh Hashanah not only to pursue our individual paths toward change but also to push ourselves forward as a community.  Everyone’s effort is needed.  Each person’s inspiration, energy, and support help us gather the courage to change, and the collection and concentration of fervent prayers and the determination to do better that we experience in our congregation on these High Holidays can lift us to heights we could never achieve on our own.  So when you come to High Holiday services this year, bring your whole self.  Lift your voice in prayer and song.  Meditate deeply in the silence of your heart.  Forge a connection to those around you, fellow travelers on the path of change.  We need you, just as you need us.  Together, we can make this Rosh Hashanah a time of renewal, transformation, and hope for all of us.  L’shanah tovah u’mitchadeshet – may we all be written for a year of newness and blessing for each of us individually and for our entire community.