Remembering Pittsburgh on November 26


Jewish traditions teach us that the end of sh’loshim–30 days after a death–is a significant milestone in the journey of mourning.  The end of sh’loshim is a time to reflect on our path, to learn Torah in memory of those we’ve lost, and to gather strength for the days ahead.  With our hearts still aching for those murdered at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, the Board of Rabbis of Greater Philadelphia, on which I serve as a vice president, invites you to an Evening of Learning in Remembrance of the Victims of Pittsburgh at the National Museum of American Jewish History on Monday, November 26–the night that marks the end of sh’loshim for those who died–from 6:30-9:00 PM.  Our gathering will provide us with an opportunity to come together to acknowledge the enormity of the loss and its aftermath and to honor those whose lives were taken; I will be among the many community rabbis teaching that night. There is no charge for this event, though contributions will be collected for the Pittsburgh Terror Victims Fund.  You can register here.  May our gathering in the light of Torah provide us with comfort and resolve to face the challenges of the days ahead.