Purim is coming – rejoice!


This Shabbat we will recite the blessing of the new month for Adar II, the month in which we celebrate Purim.  Our Purim Bash is this Saturday night, and Purim itself will be arriving soon, on the evening of Wednesday, March 23rd.  Purim is a time of rejoicing, commemorating the survival of the Jewish people through a time of danger, but it is far from the only such moment in Jewish history.  From the story of the Golden Calf to the difficulties of the wilderness to persecution in Rome and Europe, the Jewish people again and again have faced overwhelmingly difficult experiences and persevered.  Of course we hope that such experiences never visit us again, but part of the joy of Purim comes from recognizing and celebrating the resilience that Jews have showed throughout history.  When we really take in the knowledge of how we have overcome what seemed like impossible odds to survive, we can face the future and whatever troubles we currently face with confidence, secure in the support of our community, and we can allow the pain or fear in our hearts to be replaced by joy.  May we all rejoice together!