Pulling together in the storm


Storms can be isolating.  Cold temperatures and treacherous roads and sidewalks can keep us inside and limit our chances to interact with each other.  Yet this week I have learned of many ways that people in our community have come together, overcoming those obstacles to help and comfort each other.  People have invited those without power to stay in their homes. Neighbors have shoveled each other’s sidewalks and driveways. And last night, despite the weather, 30 members of our community came out to a shiva minyan to provide comfort in the face of loss.  Each of these acts of connection is holy.  Collectively, they are what make us a kehilah k’doshah, a holy community.  As we move out of this storm and move on through this very snowy winter, I want to encourage all of us to keep reaching out.  Check on neighbors who may be in need of help.  Call people you haven’t seen in a while to make sure they’re all right.  Pray for the safety of those who keep our roads clear and our lights on.  Together, we can create an invisible web of connection that will bring us all safely through the storms.