Pride and Love


In celebrating Pride Shabbat at GJC this weekend, we are celebrating love.  We learn from Torah about God’s love for all of humanity, how all of us, in all of our fabulous variety, are created in the image of God.  There are no exceptions–we are all bathed in divine love.  We learn from those around us about the love that two human beings can have for each other, the beautiful variety of loving relationships that can lift up and transform the lives of individuals.  And we learn from living in community with each other about how the diverse forms of love we see around can enrich our lives and open our hearts to each other and to the divine impulse to love that is implanted in each of us.  This is the essence of Pride:  to open ourselves to love and be loved, knowing that we are reflecting divine love in the love we show each other.  May that love surround us, not just during Pride Shabbat, but each and every day.