Pirkei Avot study begins!


For many years we have followed the tradition of studying one chapter of Pirkei Avot, the teachings of the ancient sages, on each Shabbat afternoon between Pesah and Shavuot.  Pirkei Avot provides both timeless wisdom and much to debate in its teachings, and studying it is a wonderful entree to the study of ancient rabbinic literature.  This year, given our situation, we are moving our (virtual) study to Sunday afternoons instead, and our first study session will take place this Sunday, led by Serena Levingston and Rabbi Judd Levingston.  Please join us!
Here’s how you can participate:

  • To join via computer, smartphone, or tablet:  Click on this Zoom link
  • To join via telephone:  Call 646-558-8656 and enter Meeting ID: 411-819-907