Passover: Time to start getting ready!


This week is Shabbat Parah, when we read a special maftir reading about purity to remind us that Pesah is coming soon! It is easy to equate “Pesah” with “Panic!” but it’s probably more constructive to think “Prepare!” For some it might be time to start cleaning, but for all of us it’s definitely time to start planning how we are going to celebrate this most central of Jewish holidays, not only the food and the seders but, most importantly, the joy! Here are some links that could be useful:

Rabbinical Assembly Pesah Guide Guidance on preparing our homes and buying foods to make these days of Passover different from all other days.

Your Seder Should Be Awesome! Ideas for creating exciting seders from one of GJC’s own, Rabbi Ezra Weinberg.

Why is this Haggadah different from all other Haggadahs? A review of new and interesting Haggadahs from the Forward’s Jay Michaelson.

Rabbi Lewis and I are happy to consult on foods, rituals, and strategies to make Pesah come alive for you and your family this year. Please be in touch!