Adonai shall guard your going out and your coming in, from this time forth and for ever.”
 -Psalm 121:8

This past week, the sun rose and set on the longest day of the year. Summer officially arrived. As the season shifts, we are in a time of transition in our synagogue. Rabbi Spicehandler completed her term as Visiting Rabbi. Elana Shaw finished her last official day as Program Director and Kate Lawn stepped into this new role with great enthusiasm. In the coming week, the Zeff family will return to Philadelphia! We look forward to welcoming Rabbi Zeff back to GJC beginning on July 1st, to reconnecting with Cheryl, Zeke, Avi and Mati and to hearing about their adventures in Israel. Our tradition calls attention to liminal moments, granting us prayers, poetry and ritual to guide us from one place to the next. May the Holy One be with all of us on our journeys these summer months, shaping our exits and our entrances for life and for peace, for now and for all time.