Nurturing Freedom


On Tuesday we will celebrate Rosh Hodesh Nisan, entering the month of Pesach, which tells us that our seders and celebrations are only a few weeks away. One of the key teachings of the holiday is that the move from slavery to freedom is not just an historical story, and it is not just a story that’s relevant to Jews. In every age, people of all kinds confront oppression and are called to work for freedom, and such work is most effective when we join forces with others. Next Sunday, April 2nd, at 3:00 PM at GJC we have an opportunity to join together with people of many faiths – Christian, Muslim, and Jewish – for a musical performance of “Mothers of Moses” – with libretto by our own Ellen Frankel – and a multi-faith seder and discussion about how each of us can nurture freedom in our lives. I urge all of us to take part in this unusual opportunity to see the Pesach story through other eyes, especially in this time of division and discord in our country. “Now we are slaves…” Next year, through all of us joining together across all that seeks to separate us, may we all be truly free.