Mynd the Gaps: Zooming In and Zooming Out on Israel’s Society and Economy


As a leading socioeconomic research institute in Israel, the Taub Center’s findings show the bigger picture about the social and economic issues that keep Israelis up at night: How is Israel’s economy doing relative to other developed countries? What does the future hold for the “Start-Up Nation”? How do educational and employment gaps break down across sector and gender?

At the same time, the Center recently launched a new podcast, DataPoint, whose purpose is to zoom in from Israel’s bigger socioeconomic trends and focus on the stories of individuals. Who are the people – the millions of data points – who stand behind the numbers? The podcast’s pilot episode tells the story of Aziz Kaddan – a young Arab Israeli “start-up-ist” who, just a few years ago, founded a company called Myndlift. Zooming in on Aziz’s moving story and Myndlift’s exciting evolution sheds light on Israel’s high tech industry, education and employment gaps within Israeli society, and what it’s like to navigate the start-up world as an Arab Israeli founder.

Israel Programming at GJC welcomes Tamar Friedman Wilson on Sunday, April 7th for a 1 hour and 15 minutes presentation on socioeconomic trends in Israeli society, including interspersed clips from the podcast episode, followed by time for a Q&A. Program begins at 10:00 AM.

Tamar Friedman Wilson, who grew up at GJC,is responsible for creating and executing The Taub Center’s strategy for developing short content that is accessible to a wider audience. She is charged with developing engaging and impactful ways for the public to learn about the socioeconomic trends revealed in the Center’s research. Tamar graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2015, where she earned her B.A. in Political Science, with a minor in Modern Middle Eastern Studies. Prior to her current position, Tamar worked as a Marketing Associate at the Taub Center. Before moving to Israel, Tamar was a Junior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia and interned at the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel is an independent, non-partisan socioeconomic research institute. The Center provides decision makers and the public with research and findings on some of the most critical issues facing Israel in the areas of education, health, welfare, labor markets and economic policy in order to impact the decision-making process in Israel and to advance the well-being of all Israelis.