My sabbatical in Israel begins!


I am so grateful to all of you, to the lay leadership of GJC, and to our wonderful staff for making it possible for me and my family to take a sabbatical in Israel in this New Year.  I am leaving on Sunday for Haifa and will be back in July.  I will miss you all and look forward to hearing about everything that will happen this year in my absence.  While I am gone, there are a number of ways for you to keep in touch with me and to keep updated about our adventures in Israel:

  • Blogs:  Cheryl, Zeke, and I are each writing separate blogs about our experiences.  Please follow us!  Here are the links:
  • Facebook & Twitter:
    • You can access my Facebook page (and “Friend” me!) here
    • Follow me on Twitter:  @rabbiadamzeff
  • Skype:  There will be a number of opportunities to Skype with me while I am Israel and to hear about what I and my family are doing firsthand.  The first will be on Sunday, October 19, at 10:00 AM at GJC; check the GJC calendar for other dates.  I look forward to “seeing” you then.

Israel trip:  A group of 18 GJC members is already signed up for the GJC Israel trip in December, which I will lead.  It’s not too late for you to join us!  For more information, click here.