Music in community


Praise God with harp and lyre, with drum and dance, with strings and pipe, with the clashing of cymbals… (Psalm 150)

Music is a central part of Jewish life.  From ancient times, the worship in the Temple, the words of Torah, and the recitation of prayers were all set to music, and the Bible is filled with descriptions of musical instruments and their use (think of David and his harp). It is no coincidence, then, that there are many musicians and music-lovers in Jewish communities, and we have many talented ones in ours.  In the last few years, we have been working to create more opportunities for us to hear and play and sing music together, both inside and outside the context of services.

This year, we are introducing a monthly music series toward that end called “Shirah b’Kehilah” (“Music in Community”), and we are beginning this Saturday night at 7:00 PM with “Music Cafe” – a musical jam session.  If you are a musician, bring your instrument and your favorite music and come play with us!  If you are a music lover, bring your open ears and come listen (or maybe dance)!  We will provide beer and snacks and an informal atmosphere for us all to enjoy.

Next up in the series:  Klezmas Eve on December 24 with Ken Ulansey and his band playing klezmer music and Yiddish dance master Steve Weintraub leading us in Eastern European dance!  Get your tickets now!