Moving the messages of the High Holidays forward


On Rosh Hashanah, I spoke about “Home,” and Rabbi Lewis spoke about “Play.” On Kol Nidrei, I offered my thoughts about “Who is a Jew?” And on Yom Kippur morning I spoke on “Reconciling ourselves to the world.” For those who missed them, I encourage you to read our words online at the links above. How can we engage with these messages in the days to come? There are many ways; I just want to highlight two of them here.

Hosting a refugee family or families
Following up on my words about creating a just home for ourselves and others, several people in our congregation have spoken to me about the possibility of GJC sponsoring a refugee family or families. It would be a powerful statement for us to donate our resources to help a family find home. If you are interested in this project, please be in touch with me and I will connect you to others.

Calling on your coaches
In my Kol Nidrei sermon about what it means to be a Jew, I urged you to see me and Rabbi Lewis as not your judges but your coaches, partnering with you to build a Jewish life that aims to perfect both yourself and the world. I want to encourage you again to be in touch with us for coaching and counsel. This is why we are here! Call us, email us, text us, send us messages on Facebook – whatever works for you. But be in touch!