MLK’s Dream


Whenever I speak with young people about the idea of prophecy, and I ask them to think about modern-day examples of the prophetic voice, the first person they mention is almost always the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Dr. King’s voice was so powerful because he spoke the truth from deep experience and with immense faith in the possibility that the injustices he saw in his time could and would be overthrown, that finally, in a land dedicated to freedom, the dream of freedom for all could and would be fulfilled.  As we have seen in the years since his death, true equality for everyone in this country has remained just a dream.  The racism of our society that Dr. King denounced so clearly and with such moral force, often using the ancient words of the Torah and the Prophets that we recite in our synagogues, is still, sadly, very active in America.  Just as we still hear the Prophets crying to us from the pages of the Hebrew Bible, urging us to return to the path of God, so too do we need to hear Dr. King’s voice on this weekend dedicated to his memory, calling us to retain the dream of racial equality, to work toward it with all our strength, and to finally, finally let freedom ring.  May all of the reflection and volunteer work that we do this weekend provide us with the strength to rededicate ourselves to that task.  And may the memory of Dr. King be a blessing to us all.