Mitzvah of the Month begins in November!


In my Kol Nidrei sermon this year, I said that what it means to be a Jew or to be a member of a Jewish community is to use the Jewish “toolbox” of mitzvot and practices to perfect ourselves and to perfect the world. To help us realize the second part of that vision, we are starting a series called “Mitzvah of the Month.” Each month we will highlight a mitzvah that moves us along the road toward making the world a more perfect place, and we will provide an easy opportunity for each member of our community – from youngest to oldest – to fulfill that mitzvah. Together, we will both learn about the mitzvot and realize our capacity to use them to change the world.

We will begin in November with the mitzvah of ma’achil r’evim – feeding the hungry, and we will have a food drive (delayed from Yom Kippur) in cooperation with Philabundance. Please watch for details about how you can participate, and join me in putting our good intentions and study into practice this year.