Learning from the day after Purim


On Purim, we take a much-needed break from reality.  We explore what it’s like to try on another identity, to dance and sing and make noise and celebrate, and to fantasize about miraculous solutions to the problems that beset us, without regard to what the consequences might be for others.  On the day after, on this day of Shushan Purim, we return to the realities of this world, a world in which we must live as our true selves, a world in which our problems cannot be waved away with a scepter or wand, a world in which we must engage with other people, even with those we may see as our enemies, if we are to have any hope of creating safety and peace for ourselves.  May the break that Purim offered us give us strength and courage to do the hard work we need to do to fulfill our visions, even after the masks come off.