Koleinu Beit Midrash offers Studio Kislev: Living with Pain & Inviting Healing


Studio Kislev:

In the final days of fall and first moments of winter, natural sunlight diminishes and we spend more and more of our daytime hours in the dark. The shifting light invites us to ask: How do we live our lives in a world that sometimes feels dark (physically and metaphorically)? Using Jewish folklore as a foundation for our learning and creative practice, we will consider the pain of dark times and openings for healing.

The Studio Series:
Koleinu Beit Midrash at Germantown Jewish Centre is excited to introduce a new, annual collection of studio gatherings. “The Studio Series” is a monthly gathering for spiritual seekers to explore themes of the Jewish year cycle, ancient teachings, and contemporary texts through creative process. We sing, share poetry, dig into Jewish ideas, and use materials to explore the themes of the season and Hebrew calendar. The Studio Series utilizes the methodology of the Jewish Studio Process, meant to unlock the creative potential we each carry. Our studio is a unique Jewish learning environment, in which we make space for the emergence of ideas that rest beneath the conscious self.

The Studio Series is complemented by weekly, morning creative practice on Wednesday mornings (open to all, regardless of participation in monthly Studio gatherings). Assistant Rabbi and Beit Midrash Director, Rabbi Rebecca Richman, facilitates The Studio Series, bringing her training as a Fellow with the Jewish Studio Project. See you in the studio!

Full year $360 | 6-session multi-pack $180 | individual sessions $35/each
Full or partial scholarships are available upon request to administrative@germantownjewishcentre.org.

Studio Kislev: Living with Pain and Inviting Healing (Sunday, Dec. 15, 1-3:30pm)
Studio Tevet: Journey out of Slavery (Sunday, Jan. 5, 11am-1:30pm)
Studio Sh’vat: Rooted to Earth (Sunday, Feb. 23, 11am-1:30pm)
Studio Adar: Radical Release (Sunday, March 1  2-4:30pm)
Studio Nisan: Liberating Ourselves (Sunday, April 5, 11am-1:30pm)
Studio Iyar: Readying Ourselves for Revelation (Sunday, May 3, 2-4:30pm)
Studio Sivan: Inheriting our Ancestors’ Stories (Sunday, May 31, 11am-1:30pm)
Studio Tammuz: What to Do with Brokenness? (Sunday, June 28, 11am-1:30pm)
Studio Av: Comforting Ourselves (Sunday, August 9, 11am-1:30pm)
Studio Elul: Tuning in to the Call (Sunday, September 13, 1-3:30pm)