Getting ready for Purim: Turning things upside down!


The Purim story seems like a crazy one, with a drunken king whose only rule about drinking is “no rules!”, advisers who deceive, queens who conceal their identity, and all-too-convenient plot twists that bring the low high and the high low.  We revel in having fun with this story, yet the message we can take away from it is a serious one:  sudden, radical transformation in our world is really possible.  Not only that, such topsy-turvy twists of fate are evidence of divine power breaking out into the world!  So when we dress up in costume, cheer for Queen Esther, boo the wicked Haman, roll our eyes at the antics of King Achashverosh, and eat far too many hamantaschen and other sweets, we are celebrating the possibility that our world can turn on a dime and form itself into a more just, more equal, more loving, and more fun place.  The ancient rabbis recount that when such changes happen in our world, the Holy One laughs.  May we all share in the divine laughter of transformation this Purim.  Hag Purim Sameah!