From the depths


Yesterday was the 17th day of the month of Tammuz, the beginning of 3 weeks of semi-mourning that precede Tish’ah b’Av, the time when we commemorate not only the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem but also the many, many times of tragedy and loss that the Jewish people experienced throughout our history.  Given our current continuing crisis, it is perhaps easier this year than in most to feel the pathos of the opening words of Psalm 130, “From the depths I call to you, God.”  We know what it is like to be in the depths.  What the psalmist gives us is the idea that if we call out from out of our distress, that in itself, even without any change in our circumstances, can create a connection to the divine, and that connection can give us the strength to endure.  May we all find that strength as we move through this difficult time together.