Finding security


At a moment in which the world can seem like a very frightening place, there is a lot of talk about how we can keep ourselves safe.  Some urge reinforcing our homes and our borders, others argue that we should investigate or block particular people or groups from entering, and still others advocate using military force around the world to eliminate potential threats.  While we can and should debate the ethics and utility of each of these ideas, as a religious community, we know a different truth about what makes us secure.  We find security not by isolating ourselves in a fortress but by reaching out to those around us and connecting to each other.  Time and time again, security experts have told us that interacting with and looking out for each other is the best way to increase security in our building and in our community.  Of course we will continue to take common sense precautions, but human connection will always be our most important tool.  This Shabbat, reach out with a smile, a word, a conversation.  Get to know someone new.  Feel the warmth of our community.  Give each other the gift of being known and cared for.  Together, we can find the safety that we all need.