Entering into the public sphere


This coming week we have two important opportunities to take the values and commitments that we study and discuss out into the larger world around us.

On Sunday GJC will be participating in the Israel 66 Celebration at Penn’s Landing from 12:00 to 5:00 PM. Our own Melaveh Malkah Band will be playing on the stage from 12:35 to 1:15 PM, and we will also be staffing a GJC booth to spread the message about our distinctive approach to engaging with Israel in way that respects the diverse and multifaceted ways in which Jews connect to this place that is so important to us. Please stop by!

On Tuesday, we have the opportunity to vote in the primary election. There are many important issues on the ballot, including not only the race for governor – which has the potential to affect the dire state of public education in our area – but also, in Philadelphia, a referendum to support a living wage for all workers employed by the city, including those employed by subcontractors. The GJC Social Action Committee has been working to engage voters around these issues in conjunction with faith communities across the city. Although we may not all agree on the specifics of candidates and issues, we all have an obligation to think deeply about them and to consider Jewish teachings on the importance of education and the dignity of labor. And we all have an obligation to do our part by voting and trying to shape the world around us.

May our prayer and study within our community always inspire us to such action and engagement outside of it.