Dwelling in our vulnerability


Sukkot begins Sunday night, and if it seems like we just barely finished Yom Kippur in time to lean into this new holiday, you’ve got the calendar about right!  After all of the self-examination and resolve that we go through during the season of repentance, Sukkot reminds us that, try as we might, none of us can walk down a new path alone.  Just as we make ourselves vulnerable when we open ourselves to all that we may have done wrong in the past year, so too do we make ourselves vulnerable when we try to strike out in a new direction.  Dwelling under the insubstantial roof of the sukkah reminds us that we cannot depend only on ourselves if we want to make this a truly new year.  We need to lean on each other, and on the sheltering presence of the divine, to support us as we move forward into an unknown future.  May we all be each other’s support as we move into newness together.