Dayenu! Pesach Gratitude


This year at seder, Yosef and I look forward to saying she’he’chiyanu as baby Zohar experiences her first Passover and as we celebrate our first festival as parents. We are filled with gratitude for Zoe’s life, for our health, and for this incredible community that has supported us in the midst of great transition in our lives. We cannot thank you enough for nourishing us with delicious meals, for showering us with love and blessings and gifts and for giving tzedakah in honor of the birth of our daughter. Dayenu! Each one of these things alone would have been enough. Thank you for your understanding as we are still in the process of thanking each and every one of you individually for the ways you have sustained us these past few months. We feel so blessed to welcome Zoe into this loving GJC family that models the importance of contributing to community. Thank you to our extraordinary community, staff and leadership for all you have been doing to support one another and to keep GJC flourishing while Rabbi Zeff and I have been away. We thank you with full hearts for this precious time with our families.  I am grateful to be returning to GJC for Pesach and I look forward to reconnecting with you over the holiday and in the coming weeks. Wishing all of you a meaningful and liberating Pesach. May the holiday bring joy, redemption and peace to you, to your family and to our world.