Connecting with Christians


As many of you know, I have been taking part in a weekly study group with Christian pastors for the last several years, discussing readings from both the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Bible.  One of the many things I have learned is how similarly we see our missions in the world, despite the very different ways in which we approach them and the different language and practices provided to us by our traditions.  Like us, they see their mission as bringing divine values of love, freedom, justice, and compassion into a world in which these are so lacking.  Like us, they often feel besieged by the world around them, which sometimes seems hostile to that mission.  Of course, as a religious minority, we have a different perspective, and the overwhelmingly Christian public sphere of this country can itself often seem oppressive to us.  But on this most joyous of Christian festivals, I think it is worth thinking about the ways in which Christians can and do help us move the world in exactly the directions we are hoping for, and it is worth seeing them as allies in our work.  May their light bring us light.